Say Hello To Your Little Friends

Part 2 – Floato

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at Floato; the system that allows you to print any picture (photo, logo etc) onto Floato Foil Balloons

If you haven’t heard of Floato before then pay attention. We might just be about to change your life.

What is Floato?

Floato is simple in it’s concept and even simpler in it’s execution. The easiest way to describe is to take it’s three important elements 

The Printer

CEO of Floato, Philip Lang, has generously bundled your first order to include a FREE printer. The printer looks like any home or business desktop printer but it is the required choice of Floato as it accommodates the 22″ Floato Balloons perfectly.

The Software

You can download the software free from Floato at This is the genius part of the system as it is extremely easy to use. Simply upload your picture file, write and place your text on the top and bottom of the balloon and press ‘Print’ – Hey Presto!

The Balloons

You buy the balloons directly from Floato using their online store at These balloons are designed to 1) print on and 2) work with the software and the printer that you now have. Simply feed the balloon into the printer while you design your balloon in the software. Floato will do the rest!

If you would like more information you can contact Aran in Irish Party Supplies:

If you would like to order Floato you can do that here at