Say Hello To Your Little Friends

Part 1 – Helium Connections

Ok, so in this first part of the series we’re going to look at a few of the main connections, extensions and regulators for your helium cylinder. There are two types of connections (the actual part that attaches to the cylinder); Push-On and Screw-On. However, their function is the same regardless of which one you use. At Irish Party Supplies we predominantly supply Air Products Integra Cylinders which take a Push-On connection.

Flex-Tilt Valve

The Flex-Tilt Valve is the simplest form of connection. It is entirely versatile and leaves any kind of precision element up to you. The irony is that this is probably the first valve that you’ll buy with your cylinder (because it’s the cheapest) but really it should be used by seasoned professionals who can accurately gauge the correct amount of helium for a foil, a latex, a bubble balloon etc.

If you are using our Integra cylinder(s), you can see and buy your Flex-Tilt Valve Here:

Anti-Burst Auto-Foil Outlet

The Auto-Foil Outlet is an anti-burst mechanism which regulates and automatically stops the flow of helium based on resistance pressure. This means that as you inflate your Foil Balloon the flow will slow and eventually stop when the balloon is at is maximum capacity and before bursting. Thus the term ‘Anti-Burst’.

This little gem is also ideal for inflating the inner balloon of a Double Bubble. Simply alternate your connections between this and a ‘Gun-end’ (see below). This is a necessity for any decorator inflating any quantities of Foil Balloons or Double Bubbles.

This Outlet does not connect by itself to the cylinder. It is an add-on attachment that works with an Extension Hose (see below).

If you are using our Integra cylinder(s), you can see and buy your Auto-Foil Outlet Here:

10FT Extension Hose & Gun

This connection fast-becomes an essential part for all decorators and retailers. The 10FT Extension Hose is exactly that – an extension that allows you to work freely away from the cylinder. At the end of the hose is a ‘female’ outlet which you can connect any number of connections with a ‘male’ input. For example, the ‘Gun’ connection that comes with this pack or the aforementioned Auto-Foil Outlet.

The ‘Gun’ connection allows you to control the speed (or force) of the release of helium. It can be used with Latex and Foils but is most effective with Bubble-balloons. Alternate the Gun and Auto-Foil Outlet when inflating Double Bubbles to avoid bursting the inner balloon.

If you are using our Inetgra Cylinder(s), you can see and buy your 10FT Extension Hose & Gun Here: