So, What…?

As a distributor, sometimes it’s hard to know what to post about on social media. One of the supposed constraints is the notion that we supply the products, the training and the equipment for our customers to make the amazing designs to post on social media. We do tend to prefer this practice and we couldn’t be prouder of the training, advice and contribution we’ve made to so many businesses across Ireland. Still, in an age where your absence on social media is noticed, what should we be posting?

So, for the next couple of weeks we’re going to focus on the machines, the equipment and the connections that make your life easier as a balloon decorator. We’ll take a closer look at the training available to continue to up-skill you, our customers, to keep your ideas, designs and decor fresh.

The industry is changing and you’ll be noticing new requests from your customers based on what they, themselves, have seen online and on social media. From Vinyl-personalized Deco Bubbles, Confetti Balloons and Decor-Ribbon to LED light-up latex and the Rose Gold phenomenon. We have already made inroads into stocking these products at Irish Party Supplies as part of our everyday range.

Are you up to date with what you need to be learning to stay ahead of the Game? These machines, inflators, tips & tricks are certainly a good place to start.

(We’d love to hear your feedback so please comment, share and ask as many questions as you’d like)

Here’s just some of the sometimes hidden products that you can expect in this series that we’re calling ‘Say Hello to Your Little Friends’

Just know that as we write this series we’re learning more about these products ourselves.

  • Helium Connections – What to use and when?
  • Floato!
  • Cameo Silhouette
  • Precision Inflation Equipment
  • Super Stuffer
  • The ‘Gridz’ System
  • The Aeropole System